Virtual Course & Group Coaching

Black women are more likely to have severe complications in pregnancy, and doctors are less likely to listen to them. 


This 4 week course virtual course gives the tools they need to optimize their health for pregnancy, and navigate their pregnancy journey with confidence and agency. 

My Story

If you are like me, you decided to delay having children to further your career or to wait for the right partner.  I never realized that I would need to make a true effort to get pregnant.   I also found that having knowledge of how to navigate the health care system, how to communicate effectively with my doctor, and creating a wellness team around me improved my outcomes. Even though I suffered with  gestational diabetes, and had severe pre-ecclamsia, I was still able to navigate my pregnancy with control and agency.  I had my first child at 37 years old.  As a doctor and a patient, I can teach you what I learned in my journey, and incorporate evidence based medical practice for pregnancy preparation.

Course Objectives:   


A healthy pregnancy begins before conception.  Improving your overall health, preventing and treating chronic disease, and increasing your agency with your doctor, may result in a healthier pregnancy with fewer complications.  Learn the dos and don'ts of pre- pregnancy planning, and the questions you MUST ask your doctor using my unique method.  During the course, you will  complete course milestones to put you on the path to good health and fertility.    After completion of the course, you will have a personalized blueprint to completely transform your health, and kick start discussions with your doctor.


You Learn how to:

  • optimize your nutrition for improved fertility

  • the best time for conception in your cycle

  • mother yourself first

  • the toxic substances that wreak havoc on your reproductive system

  • get the most out of your doctor's visits 


  • 90 min weekly virtual group coaching and didactics 

  • Self-directed activities that help you build an individualized plan, and to keep you accountable

  • Evidence based resources, research on fertility related topics

  • Nutrition guides / recipes

Instructor Credentials:  Alisha Liggett, MD 

  • BA in African American Studies from Columbia University, New York

  • Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Maryland, Baltimore

  • Board Certified, American Board of Family Medicine in Family and Social Medicine 

  • Certified Ayurvedic Health and Healing Counselor

  • Career focus is on primary prevention of disease, and addressing disparate health outcomes, particularly those that affect in black maternal health

  • Helped hundreds of patients in my practice improve pre-pregnancy health with the goal of conception, including those with pre-existing health conditions or advanced maternal age.

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Pregnancy Prep 101


New York, NY

February 2020

"Dr. Alisha was informative, enthusiastic, funny and encouraging! She shared lots of information and insight in each session, from setting positive intentions and routines to the importance of micronutrients and which fresh foods contain each one. The best part of my Sunday evenings during the course were talking with my partner about all I had learned in a session and planning changes we’re making in our diets, habits and household products."

Silvia E.

New York, NY

March 2020

"It felt safe to be part of a group of women, mostly women of color, who share similar fears and hopes. It made me feel in community. It was extremely helpful to know how the body works and what to do to prepare for pregnancy, including nutrition. It helped me understand my body better and normalize my confusion about how my cycle works."

Elizabeth S.

Raleigh, NC

March 2020

"I decided to take Dr. Alisha’s course because having a family is an important priority for me. However, as a single 37-year old professional woman, I carry many doubts and fears about the process—physically, emotionally, and practically.  The course provided a safe space for a community of women to gather and share hopes, fears, to pose unanswered questions, and, most importantly, to learn and grow. And yes! – I learned a TON about the reproductive system, human anatomy and the menstrual cycle and nutrition!  However, Dr. Alisha’s teachings go far beyond pregnancy and motherhood.  With Dr. Alisha’s expert guidance, I have gained a deeper understanding of my personal goals and intentions in becoming a mother. feel hopeful, empowered, and prepared for whatever is to come! THANK YOU DR. ALISHA!!!! "

Laura W.

Baltimore, MD

March  2020

The course was extremely helpful in helping me to realize that many women have pre-existing conditions and are able to have successful pregnancies but preparation is key.  Dr. Alisha helped to debunk myths around having children later in life and presented the material in a humorous, and down to earth manner, which made me feel at ease.   She makes it clear that preparing for pregnancy is a mind and body experience.  Practicing affirmations has helped me to get in a better head space regarding being a mom.  I really enjoyed the session whereby we were oriented to the female anatomy so I am more informed about my body.  She also helped me to prioritize tasks needed to begin preparation and generate questions I can ask my physicians when I am ready to inform them of my intention of getting pregnant.   The pregnancy prep course also helped to hold me accountable as I make changes in my daily habits to improve my overall health and increase chances of conceiving.  The focus on the nutrients needed and where they are found was extremely helpful.  The nutritional recommendations and how to decrease exposure to toxins/hormone disruptors was also extremely helpful.

Madia W

Pillidelphia, PA

March 2020

I decided to take the course because I'm in my late 30's and wanted to prepare my mind and body for getting pregnant. There's alot of fear surrounding and myths associated with giving birth at my age, and as a woman of color, I wanted to understand how to give myself the best outcome. Having the information come from a Dr. who also trained in Ayurvedic practice has provided balanced and holistic course material. The course has helped me create a wellness routine, understand my cycle, make better nutritional and consumer product choices, as well as equipped me with the tools to ask the right questions of medical professionals and create a birth plan. I'm planning on using the information to help me have a child within the next year!

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